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Welcome to Bansi S. Mehta & Co.

Bansi S. Mehta & Co was founded in the year 1958 by our chief mentor Mr. Bansidhar S. Mehta. Since then, the firm has grown and presently has partners, specialising in diverse professional services. The firm operates in Mumbai from two locations. The firm also has presence in Delhi through an associate firm in the name of B.S.M. Associates.

Latest Analysis
» No interest to be levied u/s 201(1A) of the Act where TDS has been remitted on the due date"
» Renouncement of rights in favour of a relat ive is not taxable under Section 56(2)(vii)(c).
» No taxable capital gains arises on conversion of a private company into LLP at book-value, notwithstanding non-compliance with the conditions given in section 47(xiiib) of Income Tax Act, 1961
» TDS @ 1% from sales consideration on purchase of immovable property u/s. 194-IA of Income-Tax Act, 1961 is to be deducted qua assessee, and not qua sale deed
» Sale of capital asset acquired as gift - indexation with reference to the year of acquisition of the previous owner and not the year of gifting
» Is write back of preference shares taxable as business income based on assessee's admission during search?
» MFN Clause and scope of seeking declaration from CIT(A) under amended provisions of section 248 explained.
» Non-compete fees paid to a director to ward off competition, without any enduring benefit arising therefrom, is a revenue expenditure
» Notification on place of Effective Management (POEM)
» Budget 2018 Summary
» Can A Company Buying Back its Shares be Taxed us 56(2)(viia)
Recent Updates
» Official Assignee appointed under an Order of Insolvency is an 'artificial juridical person' under the Income tax Act, 1961
» CBDT deviates from its own view taken in Circular No. 10 dated 31.12.2018 on non-applicability of S. 56(2)(viia) to fresh issue of shares by a closely held company
» CBDT withdraws Circular No. 10 dated 31.12.2018 on non-applicability of S. 56(2)(viia) to fresh issue of shares by a closely held company
» CBDT issues circular on deduction of TDS from salaries for financial year 2018-19
» Revised Form 36 and Form 36A for filing appeal and cross objection respectively before income tax appellate tribunal
» Notification u/s 112A(4) identifying non-STT acquisitions of equity shares, which shall be eligible for 10% tax rate on LTCG on sale
» Due date for filing tax audit reports & income tax returns extended to 31st October, 2018
» Ajanta Pharma NCLT Order 26.09.18
» Interest on specified rupee bonds exempted for non-residents
» New rules for valuation of inventory converted into capital asset u/s 28(via)
» Recent Circulars Relevant for Tax Audit us 44AB
» Draft Notification US 197
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