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Mergers & Acquisitions
» Structuring and Advising on various corporate and cross-border transactions taking into account relevant Domestic & International Taxation Laws, Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements, SEBI, FEMA and Corporate Laws
» Valuations of listed and unlisted companies/businesses for various purposes like:
Slump sale
Employee compensation through options
Valuation of intangible assets for sale, purchase price allocations and impairment
Valuation for transfer/sale/purchase/buy-back/delisting of shares
Determination of arm's length royalty rates payable on various intangibles
Valuation for accounting purposes and purposes of AS/IFRS/US GAAP compliance
Valuations for litigation and compliance under various laws like FEMA, SEBI laws, Income-tax laws, etc. under mandates from clients and authorities
Valuation of other instruments like preference shares, bonds, debentures, share warrants etc.
» Stamp duty Valuation Exercise of various companies
» Advising and Drafting on Scheme of Arrangement, Business Transfer Agreements, Share Purchase Agreements
» Due Diligence
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